Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Home

Whether you’re thinking about buying your first home or upgrading to a bigger home it’s good to take a look at all of your options. We are going to highlight the top 10 advantages to buying a new home.

  1. Efficiency: Homes have come a long way over the past few decades in terms of efficiency. One of the largest bills you have as a homeowner especially in Texas is the electric bill from running the air conditioner and heater. For example, house built in the 1960’s at 2200sqft may have an electric bill of $250 a month whereas a new home that bill would be under $100. That’s a savings of $1,800 per year. Nothing to sneeze at! Some home builders have become so consciences of this that they go so far as to foam all the outlets and light fixture boxes so no air escapes!
  2. Builder Warranty: Most new home builders offer a warranty to cover structural issues for the first 10 years of home ownership. That means if there is any defect in the products used or the foundation begins to shift that they will come out and fix it. Talk about sleeping easy at night!
  3. Low Maintenance: There is much less maintenance on a new home than an older home. You don’t have to repaint the exterior of the house this year, replace windows that have lost their seals or patch the roof. Yes, you will pay a little more to buy a new home but you won’t have to worry about all the little things that add up for a long while.
  4. New Appliances: Who doesn’t like new appliances? You don’t have to worry about the air conditioner going out on those 100 degree days or the water heater flooding the home.  Most builders include all the appliances except for the refrigerator, washer and dryer. With new appliances also come warranties. Most will be warrantied for 1 to 2 years.
  5. Appreciation: As mentioned before, you do pay a little more for a new home, however when bought in the right neighborhood they will appreciate more so than older homes. The reasons for this is usually because of the schools that come along with it. A lot of times builders will work with the city to build brand new schools which means state-of-the-art rooms to attract talented teachers. This is not the case with all new home communities so make sure to talk to one of our specialists before buying your new home.
  6. Customization: You pick the plan and the upgrades! Most builders have a number of floor plans or can adjust one to fit your needs. Whether you want an extra garage, a game room, media room or sun room, you won’t have to search and wait for the right home to come on to the market. You get your home built to suit.
  7. Financing and Incentives: It’s going to be near impossible to beat the incentives with us but if you’re buying in a state we are not yet in we will give you the scoop. New home builders partner up with lenders to expedite the lending process with someone that knows how they operate. In exchange for all the business, the lenders will typically offer to pay for the title policy. You may also find that some builders give additional incentives when closing out a phase.  It may be a certain percent off the price or credit at closing.
  8. Amenities: In order to satisfy the city and attract families new communities with have amenities that you can’t always find in older communities such as a swimming pool, parks, walking trails and golf courses. If you like the out doors and this is important to you, a new home might be just what you’re looking for.
  9. Timing: New homes typically take about 6 months to build, maybe longer depending on circumstances.  If you are having one built from the ground up this will give you plenty of time to plan and get your current home sold if you have one.
  10. Lower Insurance: This is different in every case but typically your home owners insurance will be 25-50% cheaper with a new home. This is because the insurance company knows that it’s low risk as it’s unlikely a new water heater will flood your home or that an electrical panel will catch fire. You may not be taking the family to Disney World with the savings but it still counts!